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500 series mono Opto Compressor / Limiter designed for producers and musicians


Finally, a quick and easy to use compresseur which do not need to be an expert to use it.

Based on our high-end Dynax2 and Hellax technology, the KOMP5 is a special case among its competitors. Its advantages: it offers very few commands making it intuitive and very quick to set.

Well-chosen options, make this optical compressor an ideal tool as well for the newcomer to the specialist.

The principle of the KOMP5 is to act on the dynamics and not on the distortion.

This will allow the user to easily control the dynamics of voices and instruments.

A relay Bypass for instant comparison of the original and processed signals.

No audio signal switching is done in switches or transistors but by relays, a guarantee of reliability and respect for the tones.

The potentiometers are Clarostat with plastic track. Option: New York Edition finish with polished (miror finish) front panel.

Front panel inscriptions are graved for a better durability.




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