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Radial Phazerbank

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Radial Phazerbank
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4-fach analoger Phasen-Regler, 19" Gehäuse


  • 100% discrete analogue phase adjustment tool
  • Same as Phazer in 4 channel 19" rackmount
  • Ideal for phase correcting kick, bass and guitars
  • Rackmount version optimized for live touring

The Radial Phazerbank is a 4-channel analogue phase adjustment tool that enables the engineer to effortlessly adjust the phase between two microphones when double mic'ing a single source. Once applied, the result is fatter sounding guitars, a more solid bass, tighter kick and more realistic sounding piano.

The Phazerbank follows the exact design, layout and technical specifications of the popular Phazer, yet it is delivered in a handy 4-channel rack version for live touring. This makes it easy to incorporate into the effects rack and connect via the mixing console channel insert points. Using the Phazerbank is easy: simply turn on the effect, close your eyes and listen.

The Radial Phazerbank... a powerful audio tool made easy.



UPC / EAN 676101039449
Shipping Dimensions 58x27x13
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Hersteller Radial
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