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Al.So Dynax 2 Stereo Opto Compressor

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Al.So Dynax 2 Stereo Opto Compressor
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Al.So Dynax2 is a stereo opto compressor with mono commands.


Al.So Dynax2 is a stereo opto compressor with mono commands. The two channels are controlled by  unique controls. The
commands are: Compression rate, Attack, Release, Bass Drive, Compression rate and Make Up gain. This promotes the
accuracy of the processed signals and offer more accurate results in terms of stereo image.

Quality of construction: Dynax2 comes with a steel frame and a brushed aluminum front panel of 0.39 inches that guarantee
strength and reliability in time, well above the average. Dynax2 like all Al.So products is extremely robust, fully hand made ​​in
France and high-quality components and controls.

The inscriptions on the front panel are protected high quality serigraphs.

The front panel controls are very intuitive and quickly taken in hand. The functions are:
• POWER : On/Off of the unit from the front panel
• Back-lighted VU meter Dynax2 VU has an original design as it's protected by homemade 0.39" Plexiglas. It precisely reflects
the reaction of the compressor depending on the Attack / release settings. It has a quite unique design as it provides a lot of
information under different device states:
• In Bypass mode: It allows to compare the original signal input level with the Treaty ,it's back-lighted in dimmed blue,
confirming the operating state of the unit. In this state, the VU will display the L/R signal level.
• In active mode : it lights up fully and displays the output signal level of  the left or right channel or the gain reduction level
depending on the setting of VU switch .
• In peak : it turns in bright red with a handy extra visual alert when the unit is located at a certain distance, like when
recording on location.
• 2 wholes under the VU: the left one allows the calibration of 0 VU for Compression, Limiter and Brickwall modes. The right
one is used to calibrate the AntiDyna mode.
• Sidechain (stepped): commands the compression in 3 way .
> Stereo Position: by the stereo signal, as its name suggests
> LEFT Location: by the left channel signal, i.e. when used for mono signals
> EXT Position: the compression is controlled by the input signal connected to the TRS 1/4 " jack on the rear panel.
• Bass Drive (stepped): A filter that controls the sidechain compression above the displayed frequencies 100Hz , 200Hz and
300Hz. In result, a higher compression can be applied while  maintaining the very low ends. When set to Full position, the
sidechain filter is disabled.
• ATTACK: sets the attack time of the compressor
• 4 compression ratios : COMPRESSOR about 4:1, LIMITER : about 10:1, BRICKWALL: Infinite : 1 (cannot exceed the
threshold) and ANTIDYNA: proprietary compression mode. A compression, limiting and over-compression function. When
Attack and Release times are set short, the strong and weak signals become lowest and the average signals become
loudest. It is a creative function.
• RELEASE (stepped): sets the release time of the compressor
• BYPASS: let compare the original signal with the processed one. When active, it relay bypasses the input and output signal.
• Compression: sets the compression ratio clockwise, fully turned right is the max position. So it's operating  in an opposite
way than a standard Threshold function.
• MAKE UP: sets the output level of both channels after being processed
• ST BAL: fine calibration by screwdriver of the left / right channels

The front panel pots of Dynax2 are very high quality components like Sfernice, ELMA and Apem potentiometers.

The electronics of Dynax2 have three main stages:
The input Stage based on a DC servo technology that eliminates the capacitors in the signal path offering a very low
distortion and high fidelity signal.

Stereo Opto Compressor with 4 compression rates including the proprietary AntiDyna

•  Extremely large time constant ranges
•  Bass Drive or compression Sidechain filters 100Hz, 200Hz & 300Hz
•  Sidechain Input
•  Control through an external input signal, left channel signal or the stereo signal (sum of l/R channels)
•  Hardware ByPass by relay, let compare the original and the processed signal in an absolute way
•  Bandwidth:10Hz / 30 kHz at +/- 0,1dB
•  Bandwidth 10Hz / 65 kHz at +/- 1 dB
•  Bandwidth with a gain reduction of 10dB: 40Hz / 40 kHz at +/- 1dB
•  Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 1 kHz, +4dBu: 0,005%
•  Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 1 kHz, +4dBu, with a gain reduction of 10dB  0,02% (time constantes median settings)
•  100% hand built with high-end selected components
•  Designed by Olivier Bolling
•  Compatible with 110 / 230 Volts 50 / 60Hz.

Note: if the unit is shut down or disconnected from the main power, the signal passes then by the Bypass relays. A very secure characteristic while live recording situations.



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